Heart Journal: Case Reports invites heart case reports, heart surgery case reports journal, heart case vignette, cardiovascular images, cardiovascular graphics, heart research letters, and interesting photographs for publication. Heart Journal: Case Reports is an International peer reviewed journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with important research advances in cardiovascular disease. New scientific developments are highlighted in editorials and put in context with concise review articles.

Heart Case Reports Journal: Case Reports aims to promote high quality research and serve as a platform for dissemination of scientific information in cardiology with particular focus on all over the world. Heart Journal: Case Reports aims to publish cutting edge research in the field of clinical as well as non-clinical cardiology- including cardiovascular medicine and surgery. Some of the topics covered are Heart Failure Journal, Coronary Artery Disease Journal, Hypertension Journal, Interventional Cardiology Journal, Cardiac Surgery Journal, Valvular Heart Disease, Pulmonary Hypertension and Infective Endocarditis.

Journal of Heart Case Reports: Heart Case Reports Journal will consider for publication suitable articles on topics pertaining to the broad discipline of cardiovascular disease. Our goal is to provide the reader primary investigation, scholarly review, and opinion concerning the practice of cardiovascular medicine. We especially encourage submission of 3 types of reports that are not frequently seen in cardiovascular journals: negative clinical studies, reports on study designs, and studies involving the organization of medical care.

The journal offers thoroughly reviewed cardiology original research, cardiology review articles, cardiology case studies, cardiology image articles, case reports in cardiology, case reports in cardiology, Journal of Cardiology cases, journal of cardiology case reports, heart journal, International journal of clinical cardiology, journal of cardiology cases, clinical cardiology etc. Authors are requested to submit manuscript in 'Case Reports in Clinical Cardiology Journal' via Online Manuscript Submission portal (or) directly send an Email attachment to the Editorial Office at: editor.clinical@cardiologycase reportsjournal.org

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Case Reports in Cardiology Journal accepts manuscripts providing knowledge on recent findings on various aspects of cardiac case reports. Journal of Cardiology and Heart Case Reports deals with scientific studies on different types of cardiac and circulatory abnormalities. Case reports in cardiology and Heart Journal Scope and Keywords are Journal of Cardiology Case Reports, Case Reports in Cardiology Journal, Journal of Cardiology Cases, Journal of Cardiology Case Reports, Heart Journal Case Reports, Journal of Clinical Cardiology, Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, Case Reports in Cardiology, Heart Case Reports, Journal of Cardiology Case Reports, Cardiovascular Case Reports Journal, Cardiology Case Reports Journal etc. 

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